This page is a resource for testing and does not have all testing information.

Selecting a testing station


Do not have repairs right before a vehicle inspection, even if the check engine light is on or you know your vehicle will fail. This will disqualify you for a cost based waiver.

Test Day

  • Bring the vehicle that needs the emissions test.
  • Start early and arrive early. Repairs may need to be made and emissions repairs are complicated.
    • The inspection station is required to inspect your vehicle within two hours of your arrival. If they do not, call (314)416-2115.
  • Vehicles with the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (aka Check Engine Light) on must be tested with the light on. Do not get repairs right before the test.
  • Drive your vehicle before taking the test to reset readiness monitors.

Passing the test

The emissions testing station will give you:

  • An official state vehicle inspection report certifying a passing emissions inspection.
  • An emissions inspection windshield sticker.

A passing test is only valid for registration for 60 days from the inspection datefor a vehicle owner. Visit the Department of Revenue Site for for more information on vehicle license renewal and titling.

Failing the test

Vehicle inspection station will give you:

  • A failing state vehicle inspection report that shows what part of the inspection failed.
  • A list of the ten nearest Missouri Recognized Repair Stations whose Missouri Recognized Repair Technicians can count related labor and diagnostic costs towards cost based waiver minimums.
  • Emissions failure information.
  • A repair data sheet for the repair facility performance report (this is not a waiver).

Vehicles failing a paid inspection get one free re-inspection at the same station within 20 business days (excludes holidays and weekdays) of date paid. You do not need to repair your vehicle at same inspection station.