The new vehicle emissions testing program began Oct. 1, 2007. The state licenses auto repair shops to conduct safety and emissions tests for the Gateway Vehicle Inspection Program (GVIP).

Vehicles 1995 and older are exempt from the emissions testing process, however, a safety inspection is still required. All 1996 and newer gas-powered vehicles and 1997 and newer diesel-powered vehicles 8,500 pounds or less gross vehicle weight rating registered in the St. Louis nonattainment area are subject to an emissions test and safety inspection. The nonattainment area includes registered vehicles in St. Louis City, Franklin, Jefferson, St. Louis and St. Charles counties.

Licensed emissions inspection facilities will display the GVIP sign on their building. A list of all licensed GVIP emissions facilities may also be found at

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Media and Public Information Contacts

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is available to help the public and members of the media with questions related to the Gateway Vehicle Inspection Program. If you are unable to find the information you need on this website, contact one of the department's staff below.

  • Public Inquiries - Air Pollution Control Program at 573-751-4817
  • Media Inquiries - Office of Communications at 573-751-1010

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