To find stations performing emissions inspections and stations employing Missouri-recognized repair technicians, click on the map.

The Gateway Vehicle Inspection Program (GVIP) improves air quality in the St. Louis region. GVIP is an emissions testing program for vehicles registered in the St. Louis ozone nonattainment area, which includes the city of St. Louis as well as Franklin, Jefferson, St. Charles and St. Louis counties. If you have questions or concerns — including what to do if your vehicle fails the inspection — please contact department staff at 314-416-2115.

Map of non-attainment area.

In 2016, the United States settled complaints against Volkswagen AG, et al., stemming from the company's violations of the Clean Air Act. VW sold approximately 590,000 diesel vehicles equipped with emissions defeat devices in this country. For more information on the VW Trust — such as Missouri's share of the settlement proceeds — visit the department's main VW webpage.

Inspector/mechanic training will take place from 5-9 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month at Ranken Technical College, 4431 Finney Ave., St. Louis. The class will be in Room G108-109 of Gray Building. Located on the campus map. Look for signs on campus on the day of training.

Register for class by calling 800-832-7664 or 877-832-7664 and pressing number 3. Be prepared to provide your name, contact information, social security number, driver’s license number and the I/M number and station number, if applicable. Bring a photo ID, such as your driver's license, to receive training and take the test. You must be able to read to attend this training.

The cost of the emissions test is $24. Click to report being charged more than this.

Emission exemptions and waiver forms

This webpage is for emissions testing only. For information about safety inspections, go to

Missouri Department of Natural Resources St. Louis Regional Office