Below you will find past issues of the Gateway Air Repair Newsletter. This newsletter is no longer in publication, but some past topics are still pertinent to On-Board Diagnostic repairs for the Gateway Vehicle Inspection Program. Feel free to use the repair articles below for educational and informational purposes. However, please be aware that some topics covered in earlier issues were specific to the previous emissions testing program and may no longer apply.

2007 Issues

July - St. Louis Region Emissions Testing Changes Under Way
March - MRRT Tackles Data Communication Problem
January - Case Study - 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass: P0171

2006 Issues

November - The Key to a Maddening Repair Often Hangs on a Simple Thread
September - Safe Operation of Diagnostic Test Equipment
July - Tools for Effective OBDII Diagnosis and Repair
May - One of the Usual Suspects – DTC P0401
March - Understanding the Maze that is OBDII Repair
Janauary - All Enabling Criteria Must Be Present to Run Monitors (This document was split into 3 parts to speed downloading time.)  
Part 1  2 MB | Part 2  | Part 3

2005 Issues

November - Catalytic Converters and OBDII
September - Is Your Customer’s Vehicle Ready for OBDII Testing? 1.7 MB
July - Case Study: The Phantom MIL
May - Trouble Shooter
March - The Emission and Oil Connection