Final Site Specific Permits

In accordance with the state Clean Water Law, Chapter 644, RSMo, Clean Water Commission regulation 10 CSR 20-6.010, and the federal Clean Water Act, the applicants listed herein have been issued authorization to either discharge to waters of the state or to operate a no-discharge wastewater treatment facility.  All site specific permits will be posted to this site as they are listed for final issuance.


You can find permits issued on or after Jan. 11, 2002, on the following table listed by applicant in alphabetical order.

Permit Number Applicant County
MO0113786 16200 Veterans Memorial East WWTF Warren
MO0111082 3M Commercial Graphics Vernon
MO0114251 5-81 Motel Park and Apartments WWTF Camden
MO0128228 50 Highway Development, Inc. Johnson
MO0125130 6100 Building St. Francois


MO0117731 A and A Inc. Camden
MO0122327 A and B Mobile Home Park WWTF Camden
MO0115959 ABC Branson, LLC Taney
MO0109185 Abilene Acres Apartments Boone
MO0088323 Adams Ale Resort Camden
MO0083984 Adams Subdivision Association WWTF Dent
MO0134139 ADM Deerfield Vernon
MO0124354 Admiral's Point Subdivision Camden
MO0112623 Adrian Wastewater Lagoon Bates
MO0126349 Advance WWTF Stoddard
MO0115801 Advantage Metals Recycling - Manchester Jackson
MO0117366 Adventures in Learning Childcare Center Boone
MO0123447 AECI, Essex Power Plant Stoddard
MO0126560 AECI, Holden Power Plant Johnson
MO0001171 AECI, New Madrid Power Plant New Madrid
MO0122963 AECI, Nodaway Power Plant Nodaway
MO0003948 AECI, Prairie Hill Mine Randolph
MO0121827 AECI, St. Francis Power Plant Dunklin
MO0097675 AECI, Thomas Hill Energy Center-Power Division Randolph
MO0129224 AFB International Lawrence
MO0040363 Afshari Estates, Plat #3 St. Louis
MO0100595 AG Processing Inc. Buchanan
MO0127680 Agape Boarding School WWTP Cedar
MO0103772 Agape House Franklin
MO0138720 Aguileras Auto Sales and Salvage, Inc. Newton
MO0002470 Ajinomoto Foods North America, Inc. Jasper
MO0138789 AK Steel Corporation Jackson
MO0119393 Alan Acres WWTF Platte
MO0089036 Alba WWTP Jasper
MO0021466 Albany WWTF Gentry
MO0103705 Albaugh Inc. Buchanan
MO0128554 Alexandar Estates WWTF Franklin
MO0044300 Algoa Regional WWTF Cole
MO0135917 All Metals Recycling Inc. Greene
MO0130575 Allen Acres WWTP Lincoln
MO0130281 Allendale WWTF Worth
MO0048097 Alma WWTF Lafayette
MO0133990 Aloha Development Co. Camden
MO0088285 Alpine Lodge Resort WWTP Stone
MO0111601 Altamont - Winston WWTF Daviess
MO0087971 Alta Vista Mobile Villa WWTF Phelps
MO0130010 Altenburg and Frohna WWTF Perry
MO0049492 Alton WWTP Oregon
MO0126802 Amazonia WWTF Andrew
MO0128473 Ambush Restaurant and Last Saloon WWTF Morgan
MO0104451 Amen Center WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0098001 Ameren Missouri, Callaway Energy Center Callaway
MO0004812 Ameren Missouri, Labadie Power Plant Franklin
MO0000361 Ameren Missouri, Meramec Energy Center St. Louis
MO0004821 Ameren Missouri, Osage Energy Center Miller
MO0127710 Ameren Missouri, Peno Creek Energy Center Pike
MO0000043 Ameren Missouri, Rush Island Power Plant Jefferson
UI0000043 Ameren Missouri, Rush Island Power Plant Jefferson
UI0000044 Ameren Missouri, Sioux Energy Center St. Charles
MO0000353 Ameren Missouri, Sioux Power Plant St. Charles
MO0001082 Ameren Missouri, Taum Sauk Energy Center Reynolds
MO0003263 American Airlines - MCI Maint & Eng Base Platte
MO0112500 American Dehydrated Foods, Inc. Lawrence
MO0102253 American Fibrex Jasper
MO0138983 American Outdoor Brands WWTF Boone
MO0093220 American Resorts Subdivision WWTP Cedar
MO0058068 American Water Military Services FLW WTF Pulaski
MO0112526 AMOCO, Chariton River Oil Spill Site Macon
MO0128767 Amoret WWTF Bates
MO0126543 Amos Septic Services WWTF Camden
MO0125091 Amsterdam WWTF Bates
MO0136409 Anaconda School STP Franklin
MO0108715 Anchor House of Warren County WWTF Warren
MO0025801 Anderson WWTF McDonald
MO0125849 Animal Paradise Webster
MO0023621 Annapolis WWTF Iron
MO0120171 Anna Dodson Home LLC St. Francois
MO0114928 Anniston WWTP Mississippi
MO0106241 ANR, Maitland Compressor Company Nodaway
MO0129097 Anselman Property WWTF Jefferson
MO0138304 Antlers Resort LLC WWTF Stone
MO0135429 AOK Campground WWTF Andrew
MO0021105 Appleton City WWTF St. Clair
MO0114863 Aqua Fin Development Inc. WWTF Camden
MO0004898 Aquila, Lake Road Plant Buchanan
MO0093653 Arbor Place of Festus Jefferson
MO0101346 Arbyrd WWTF Dunklin
MO0080667 Arcadia East WWTF Iron
MO0050687 Arcadia West WWTF Iron
MO0048208 Archie WWT Lagoons Cass
MO0100455 Ardagh Glass Inc. Jefferson
MO0132900 Argyle WWTF Osage
MO0082767 Armour Swift Eckrich Jasper
MO0093084 Armstrong WWTF Howard
MO0118788 Arrow Ridge Subdivision WWTF Camden
MO0126331 Arrow Rock WWTF Saline
MO0114740 Asbury WWTF Jasper
MO0023205 Ash Grove WWTF Greene
MO0106844 Ashland WWTF Boone
MO0000345 Ashley Energy St. Louis City
MO0086517 Athena Elementary School WWTF Jefferson
MO0093165 Atlanta WWTF Macon
MO0132411 Atlantis Island Condominiums Miller
MO0119318 Auburn Hills WWTF Sullivan
MO0129356 Auburn Lake WWTF Lincoln
MO0112623 Audrain Wastewater Lagoon Bates
MO0135887 Audubon Materials LLC - Sugar Creek Plant Jackson
MO0121363 Augusta WWTF St. Charles
MO0036757 Aurora WWTF Lawrence
MO0103551 Austin Trails Jefferson
MO0132608 Autumn Woods Lane WWTP Cole
MO0089842 Autumn's Haven WWTF Jefferson
MO0100986 Auxvasse WWTF Callaway
MO0056260 Ava WWTP Douglas
MO0134627 AVCRAD Greene
MO0111180 Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc. Jackson
MO0029742 AWMS - Fort Leonard Wood WWTF Pulaski
MO0128597 Ayerco #26 Alexandria Station WWTP Clark
MO0136972 Ayers Oil Company Lewis


MO0138347 Back Forty Bluegrass Festival Pike
MO0110833 Backridge Landfill Lewis
MO0133469 Bahama Shores WWTP Morgan
MO0090531 Baisch Nursing Center WWTP Jefferson
MO0118052 Baker Subdivision Wastewater Treatment Facility Callaway
MO0128368 Bakersfield WWTF Ozark
MO0115126 Baldwin MHP Clark
MO0125580 Ballantrae Estates WWTP Stone
MO0129321 Ballard R-II School WWTF Bates
MO0056928 Ballerina MH Country Club and Sales WWTP Lafayette
MO0004863 Bannister Facility Jackson
MO0051217 Baptist Home Iron
MO0128422 Barbour Concrete Company Jackson
MO0045811 Baring Area Wastewater System Knox
MO0125261 Barlow's Trailer Court Johnson
MO0123064 Barnabas on the Lake WWTF Stone
MO0041190 Barnard WWTF Nodaway
MO0135461 Barnett WWTF Morgan
MO0097144 Barnett Manor WWTP Morgan
MO0122629 Bartizan Pointe Estates WWTF St. Louis
MO0001716 BASF Hannibal Plant Marion
MO0120359 Bass Point Resort Condominiums WWTF Morgan
MO0136379 Bass Pro Shops Fabrication Shop Christian
MO0109819 Basswood Resort WWTP Platte
MO0128716 Bates City WWTF Lafayette
MO0123544 Bates Creek Baptist Camp Washington
MO0126799 Bauman Park at Smithville Lake Clay
MO0095923 Bavarian Village Resort WWTF Stone
MO0102555 Bay Point Condominiums Camden
MO0104361 Bay Point Village Condominiums Camden
MO0002526 Bayer CropScience LP Jackson
MO0117501 Bayou Bills WWTF Camden
MO0125806 Bayview Estates #1 WWTF Camden
MO0002356 BCP Ingredients Inc. Lawrence
MO0117773 BCRSD, Arrowhead Lake Estates Boone
MO0126624 BCRSD, Brookfield Estates WWTP Boone
MO0135305 BCRSD, Brown Station WWTP Boone
MO0096415 BCRSD, Cedar Gate Subdivision WWTF Boone
MO0096938 BCRSD, County Downes Boone
MO0117935 BCRSD, Eagle Knoll Subdivision Boone
MO0091766 BCRSD, El Rey Heights Boone
MO0050989 BCRSD, El Chaparral Subdivision Boone
MO0053376 BCRSD, Highfield Acres WWTF Boone
MO0133515 BCRSD, Kinkade Crossing WWTP Boone
MO0098442 BCRSD, Meadow Village WWTP Boone
MO0108421 BCRSD, Midway Arms WWTP Boone
MO0132705 BCRSD, Midway Crossings WWTF Boone
MO0083542 BCRSD, Prairie Meadows WWTP Boone
MO0126446 BCRSD, Quarter Mile Hills WWTF Boone
MO0115185 BCRSD, Richardson Acres WWTF Boone
MO0095222 BCRSD, Rocheport WWTP Boone
MO0137294 BCRSD, Rocky Fork WWTP Boone
MO0038792 BCRSD, Rollingwood Plat 1 WWTP Boone
MO0087173 BCRSD, South Route K WWTP Boone
MO0095354 BCRSD, Sunnyslope Subdivision WWTF Boone
MO0092002 BCRSD, Trails West WWTF Boone
MO0101885 BCRSD, Twin Lakes WWTF Boone
MO0094293 BCRSD, Wagon Trail Heights Subdivision Boone
MO0053171 BCRSD, Westwood Meadows Subdivision Boone
MO0084697 Beaufort Apartments WWTP Franklin
MO0081400 Beaufort Elementary School Franklin
MO0109177 Beauty View Acres WWTF Franklin
MO0086576 Bel Air Estates Mobile Home Subdivision WWTP Jefferson
MO0080594 Bell City WWTP Stoddard
MO0134562 Bella Sera WWTF Camden
MO0137511 Bella Vista Quarry McDonald
MO0048101 Belle WWTF Maries
MO0085111 Belleview R-III School District WWTP Iron
MO0094242 Belleview Valley Nursing Home WWTF Iron
MO0103764 Bellflower Municipal WWTF Montgomery
MO0117412 Belton WWTF Cass
MO0093653 Benchmark Healthcare of Festus, LLC Jefferson
MO0127957 Bennett Spring Homestead Motel Laclede
MO0137332 Bennett Springs Inn Laclede
MO0122971 Bennington WWTF Lincoln
MO0112411 Bent Tree Harbor Subdivision Benton
MO0103021 Benton City WWTF Audrain
MO0121550 Benton County Sewer District #1 Benton
MO0055182 Benton WWTF Scott
MO0134732 Berger WWTF Franklin
MO0048054 Bernie WWTF Stoddard
MO0119105 Berry Hill Estates WWTF Lafayette
MO0100111 Bertrand WWTF Mississippi
MO0033502 Bethany WWTF Harrison
MO0110001 Bethel WWTF Shelby
MO0095214 Bevier WWTF Macon
MO0110833 BFI, Backridge Sanitary Landfill Lewis
MO0099503 BFI, Missouri City Landfill Clay
MO0102121 Big Bear Estates at Table Rock Lake WWTF Taney
MO0039578 Big Cedar Lodge WWTF Taney
MO0128694 Big Cedar Subdivision WWTP Lincoln
MO0116696 Big Chief Estates St. Louis
MO0112542 Big Creek Estates WWTP Lincoln

Big Island Sewer Company

MO0134287 Big Shoal RV Country LLC WWTF Newton
MO0109398 Big Shot Family Action Park WWTP Camden
MO0122106 Big Sky Subdivision Callaway
MO0107751 Big Surf Waterpark WWTP Camden
MO0129186 Bigfield Terminal Ste. Genevieve
MO0093319 Bill's Trailer Park Franklin
MO0042480 Billings WWTP Christian
MO0101729 Biokyowa Inc. Cape Girardeau
MO0129224 Bioproducts Inc. Lawrence
MO0050598 Birch Tree WWTF Shannon
MO0129895 Bishop Trailer Park Howard
MO0022942 Bismarck WWTF St. Francois
MO0094501 Bixby Trailer Park Iron
MO0099678 Blackburn WWTF Saline
MO0107506 Black Oak Landfill Wright
MO0128333 Black Oak Water and Sewer WWTP Stone
MO0124991 Black River Electric Company Madison
MO0139254 Blackhawk Estates WWTP Camden
MO0130486 Blackman Water Treatment Plant Greene
MO0101648 Blackwater Municipal Lagoon Cooper
MO0120120 Blancett/ Schaefer Camden
MO0055395 Bland WWTF Gasconade
MO0050326 Bloomfield WWTF Stoddard
MO0116611 Bloomsdale Elementary School WWTF Ste. Genevieve
MO0097110 Bloomsdale Water Pollution Control Plant Ste. Genevieve
MO0118702 Blue Eye R-V School District WWTP Stone
MO0139360 Blue Light Gas Clay
MO0127574 Blue Mountain United Methodist Center WWTF Madison
MO0028886 Blue Springs, Sni-A-Bar WWTF Jackson
MO0034410 Blue Top Motel and Café Barton
MO0113913 Blue Water Heights WWTF Stone
MO0134546 Blueberry Ridge RV Park WWTP Benton
MO0131326 Bluffs Run Subdivision WWTF Stone
MO0131253 Bluffs WWTF Jefferson
MO0123081 Blythedale WWTF Harrison
MO0137529 Bob's Scrap Metal Processing Greene
MO0004782 Boeing Company, The St. Louis
MO0135208 Boeing Company Tract 5 St. Charles
MO0001627 Bohn and Dawson, Inc. St. Louis
MO0022373 Bolivar WWTF Polk
MO0047619 Bon Gor Lake Estates Boone
MO0139564 Bonacker Farms, Inc. Jefferson
MO0121321 Bonne Terre Northeast WWTP St. Francois
MO0100706 Bonne Terre Northwest WWTF St. Francois
MO0119946 Bonnot Subdivision Miller
MO0131695 Boondocks Enterprises LLC WWTF Newton
MO0136557 Boone County/Columbia/UMC Boone
MO0040738 Boonville WWTP Cooper
MO0127388 Boopers WWTF St. Francois
MO0135607 Bosworth WWTF Carroll
MO0092215 Bourbeuse MHP Franklin
MO0094765 Bourbon WWTP Crawford
MO0023141 Bowling Green Municipal WWTF Pike
MO0129470 Box Canyon Watershed WWTF Stone
MO0004774 BP Products North America Inc. Jackson
MO0136549 BP Sugar Creek Marketing Terminal Jackson
MO0137090 Braden Park Benton
MO0081744 Bradford on the Lake WWTF Stone
MO0109576 Bradleyville R-1 School WWTP Taney
MO0088072 Brandco Investments, LLC Cape
MO0126870 Brandy Station Subdivision Barry
MO0135127 Branson Airport LLC Taney
MO0130656 Branson Cedar Resort WWTF Taney
MO0025241 Branson Compton Drive WWTP Taney
MO0116599 Branson Cooper Creek WWTF Taney
MO0123781 Branson Creek WWTF Taney
MO0123641 Branson Mountain Village Stone
MO0111767 Branson View Campground WWTF Taney
MO0115550 Branson View Estates MHP WWTF Taney
MO0119997 Branson West, South Aunts Creek WWTF Stone
MO0046990 Brashear WWTF Adair
MO0028061 Braymer WWTF Caldwell
MO0133124 Bread Tray Mountain Estates WWTP Stone
MO0102466 Breakers Condominiums Camden
MO0093891 Breckenridge WWTF Caldwell
MO0107981 Brennens Point Apartments WWTP Jefferson
MO0121771 Brenntag Mid-South Inc. Clay
MO0120871 Briarwood Estates WWTF Jefferson
MO0114731 Bridal Cave Development WWTF Camden
MO0113701 Bridal Cave Development WWTP Camden
MO0112771 Bridgeton Landfill St. Louis
MO0135780 Bridgeway Plaza WWTF Barry
MO0117919 Bright Paradise by the Lake WWTF Benton
MO0120219 Brileys Sewer Association WWTF Lincoln
MO0117102 Bristol Bay Condominiums WWTF Camden
MO0120472 Bronaugh WWTF Vernon
MO0125857 Bronc Busters WWTF Newton
MO0138339 Brookfield Country Club WWTF Linn
MO0137553 Brookfield WWTP Linn
MO0088846 Brookshire Court Apartments Jefferson
MO0045713 Brookstone Estates Subdivision WWTF Jefferson
MO0103896 Brookview Apartments of Osage Beach Miller
MO0052744 Brookview Duplexes - Grand Hill Addition Cass
MO0051616 Browning WWTF Linn
MO0032557 Brunswick WWTF Chariton
MO0130117 Brussels Valley Estates WWTP Lincoln
MO0131890 BSA, Astronaut Hall WWTF St. Francois
MO0107549 BSA, Beaumont Scout Reservation St. Louis
MO0120073 BSA, Camp Thunderbird Randolph
MO0102067 BSA, H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation-Lone Star and Sawmill St. Clair
MO0101401 BSA, H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation-Piercing Arrow St. Clair
MO0098949 Bucheit Inc. Perry
MO0118371 Buck Creek Plaza WWTF Jefferson
MO0085928 Bucklin East WWTF Linn
MO0085910 Bucklin West WWTF Linn
MO0101184 Buckman Laboratories Inc. Washington
MO0098094 Buckner WWTP Jackson
MO0129844 Bucksaw Resort RV Park WWTF Henry
MO0118516 Budget Host Super 7 Motel Pettis
MO0108715 Budget Inn Warren
MO0094854 Buffalo WWTF Dallas
MO0000337 Buick Resource Recycling Facility Iron
MO0127329 Bulk Fuel Storage Facility - STL Fuels St. Louis
MO0126845 Bull's Head, LLC, D.B.A. The Upper Deck Boone
MO0133558 Bulldog's Beach House Camden
MO0129992 Bullwinkles Rustic Lodge WWTF Butler
MO0055981 Bunceton WWTF Cooper
MO0117951 Bunker WWTF Reynolds
MO0121878 Burger's Ozark Country Cured Hams Inc. Moniteau
MO0107557 Burk Subdivision WWTF Adair
MO0133906 Burkland Estates Lots 3A & 4A Camden
MO0048194 Burlington Junction WWTF Nodaway
MO0041483 Burns Philp Food Ingredients/Fleischmann's Vinegar Christian
MO0096229 Butler WWTP Bates
MO0082767 Butterball, LLC Jasper
MO0089931 Butterbaugh MHP WWTF Jackson
MO0126292 Butterfield WWTF Barry


MO0026301 Cabool WWTF Texas
MO0110035 Cabreva Acres WWTF Washington
MO0138568 Cactus Canyon Campground Douglas
MO0122467 Cainsville WWTF Harrison
MO0103390 Cairo WWTF Randolph
MO0000574 Caldera Holding LLC Washington
MO0128571 Caledonia WWTF Washington
MO0087122 Calhoun WWTP Henry
MO0023272 California South WWTP Moniteau
MO0118206 Call of the Wild Butler
MO0138916 Callao Lagoon Macon
MO0114421 Callao WWTF Macon
MO0124290 Callaway Christian Church WWTF Callaway
MO0097781 Callaway Hills Elementary School WWTF Callaway
MO0112810 Calypso Cove RV Park WWTF Cedar
MO0137243 Calumet Missouri LLC Pike
MO0130095 Calvey Brook Estates WWTF Franklin
MO0129607 Camdenton Business Park WWTP Camden
MO0106399 Camdenton WWTF Camden
MO0124389 Camdenton, Mulberry Well Camden
MO0133817 Camelot Estates WWTF Camden
MO0104299 Cameron WWTF DeKalb
MO0138673 Camp at Lake Wappapello WWTF Butler
MO0124753 Camp Bagnell WWTP Miller
MO0125164 Camp Barnabas WWTF Barry
MO0037052 Camp Clark Training Site WWTF Vernon
MO0120766 Camp Farwesta WWTF DeKalb
MO0115291 Camp Fiddlecreek WWTF Franklin
MO0138011 Camp Mi Casa RV Park WWTF Jasper
MO0087661 Camp MO-VAL Franklin
MO0133981 Camp Ne-O-Tez Jefferson
MO0112208 Camp Oakledge WWTF Benton
MO0116556 Camp Palestine WWTF Johnson
MO0091987 Camp Sabra WWTP Morgan
MO0101893 Camp Sunnyhill Adventure Camp WWTF Jefferson
MO0127035 Camp Tambo Franklin
MO0135836 Camp Trinity Franklin
MO0096717 Camp Woodland Hills WWTP Franklin
MO0118460 Campbell Creek Farm Gentry
MO0022861 Campbell WWTF Dunklin
MO0083780 Campbellton Elementary School Franklin
MO0137421 Cannon Home Association WWTF Ralls
MO0101702 Canon Hollow Smelter Holt
MO0056278 Canton WWTF Lewis
MO0103837 Cape Co Bd for Developmental Disabilities Cape Girardeau
MO0125458 Cape Fair Mobile Home Park WWTF Stone
MO0053821 Cape Girardeau Industrial Park WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0136328 Cape Girardeau Municipal WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0119300 Cape Girardeau Terminal Scott

Cape Rock Hills Apartments WWTF

Cape Girardeau
MO0056332 Cape Rock Village and Tanglewood Subdivision WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0131385 Capital Sand Company - Jerome Phelps
MO0126608 Captains Galley Camden
MO0055824 Cardwell WWTF Dunklin
MO0115517 Cargill Meat Solutions Corp Moniteau
MO0025186 Carl Junction WWTP Jasper
MO0118290 Carlos Acres WWTF Boone
MO0124222 Carlson Subdivision Camden
MO0126098 Carriage Oaks Estates WWTP Stone
MO0096318 Carrollton WWTP Carroll
MO0124869 Carter County Sewer District #1 Carter
MO0039136 Carthage WWTP Jasper
MO0095028 Caruthersville WWTP Pemiscot
MO0139386 Casino KC Jackson
MO0109282 Cass County Midway R-1 School District Lagoon Cass
MO0042579 Cassville WWTP Barry
MO0138452 Castaway Subdivision Camden
MO0133078 Castlegate Camden
MO0084484 Castlereagh Estates Subdivision WWTP St. Louis
MO0115983 Catamount Ridge Farm Subdivision WWTP Stone
MO0085855 CC Liberty Village Property LLC Clay
MO0115410 CCSD, Catawissa WWTF Franklin
MO0115401 CCSD, Robertsville WWTF Franklin
MO0131491 Cedar Berry Estates WWTF Franklin
MO0130231 Cedar Creek Conference Center Franklin
UI0000024 Cedar Creek Inc. - Grandview Jackson
MO0134902 Cedar Falls Subdivision Stone
MO0139351 Cedar Glade Subdivision WWTP Benton
MO0120936 Cedar Glen Condominiums Camden
MO0130583 Cedar Green Land Acquisition, LLC WWTF Camden
MO0113638 Cedar Grove MHP WWTF Jefferson
MO0111759 Cedar Grove Village WWTP Warren
MO0129038 Cedar Heights Condominiums Camden
MO0106127 Cedar Hill Apartments WWTF Christian
MO0114022 Cedar Hills Estates WWTP Pulaski
MO0133884 Cedar Hill Lakes WWTP Jefferson
MO0112071 Cedar Lane Mobile Home Park Webster
MO0115231 Cedar Ridge Estates WWTF Lincoln
MO0122009 Cedar Rock Mobile Home Park St. Francois
MO0116602 Cedar Springs Mobile Home Park WWTP Stone
MO0106127 Cedar View Apartments Christian
MO0132136 Cedars Business Park WWTF Laclede
MO0126527 Celebration Cove POA WWTF Stone
MO0117447 Centennial Acres WWTF Clinton
MO0040185 Center Creek WWTF Jasper
MO0107719 Center WWTF Ralls
MO0100552 Centertown Leisure Village WWTF Cole
MO0106496 Centerview WWTF Johnson
MO0127940 Centerville WWTP Reynolds
MO0097659 Central Missouri Correctional Center WWTF Cole
MO0104540 Central Missouri Landfill Pettis
HP0000003 Central Motor Bank Heat Pump Wells Cole
MO0136069 Central Utility Plant Platte
MO0028789 Centralia WWTF Boone
MO0123790 Centropolis Landfill Jackson
MO0115746 Century Business Park Franklin
MO0107841 Century Farm Estates HOA Ltd Franklin
MO0001821 CF Industries LLC - Palmyra Terminal Marion
MO0118460 CG, Campbell Creek Farm (Homan) Gentry
MO0118451 CG, Ruckman Farm Gentry and Worth
MO0118133 CG, Scott/Colby Farm Daviess
MO0128279 CGCRCSD, Arbor Trails Subdivision WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0094897 CGCRCSD, Bella Vista Subdivision WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0130729 CGCRCSD, Cedar Meadows Subdivision WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0122807 CGCRCSD, Essex Place WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0097225 CGCRCSD, Forest Meadows Subdivision WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0125105 CGCRCSD, Homestead Place WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0119491 CGCRCSD, Major Custom Cable WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0100609 CGCRCSD, Midwest Energy Cape Girardeau
MO0110621 CGCRCSD, Mulberry Acres Cape Girardeau
MO0132004 CGCRCSD, Oak Creek Estates WWTP Cape Girardeau
MO0123056 CGCRCSD, Pleasant Lake Estates WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0099759 CGCRCSD, Red Barn Restaurant WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0130087 CGCRCSD, Saddlebrooke Ridge WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0129739 CGCRCSD, Saxony Lutheran High School WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0056651 CGCRCSD, Seabaugh Acres WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0058459 CGCRCSD, Spring Lake Estates WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0123307 CGCRCSD, Sun Valley Estates WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0096644 CGCRCSD, Tamarac Estates WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0131334 CGCRCSD, Twin Oaks WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0100277 CGCRCSD, Westbridge Place Subdivision WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0135178 Chad Archibald WWTF Miller
MO0025305 Chaffee WWTF Scott
MO0004766 Chamois Power Plant Osage
MO0039624 Chamois WWTF Osage
MO0097543 Champ Landfill Company, LLC St. Louis
MO0133744 Change Academy WWTP Camden
MO0086525 Chapel Hill MHC WWTF Jefferson
MO0116513 Charles Robb Lagoon Benton
MO0120081 Charleston WWTF Mississippi
MO0113689 Charleston, The WWTF Camden
MO0119385 Charwood Estates WWTP Lincoln
MO0133388 Chaumette Inc. Ste. Genevieve
MO0124044 Chemical Lime Company Ste. Genevieve
MO0117188 Cherokee Lakes Campground WWTP St. Charles
MO0121789 Cherokee Woods Subdivision Camden
MO0121789 Cherokee Woods WWTF Camden
MO0112372 Chester Nolt WWTF Johnson
MO0096091 Chilhowee WWTF Johnson
MO0108227 Chillicothe WWTP Livingston
MO0123030 Chimney Point Estates Camden
MO0132888 Chocolate Soil Treatment Saline
MO0033910 Choctaw Ridge Lagoon Callaway
MO0093742 Christopher Subdivision #2 Callaway
MO0112551 Christopher Subdivision #3 WWTF Callaway
MO0000167 Chrysler Corp St. Louis Assembly Complex St. Louis
MO0091146 Chula WWTF Livingston
MO0123293 Cinco de Mayo Campground WWTP St. Francois
MO0091413 Circle "C" MHP Franklin
MO0125041 City View Subdivision WWTF Osage
MO0137472 City Wide Construction Products, Inc. Christian
MO0041076 Clarence WWTF Shelby
MO0001970 Clariant LSM (Missouri) Inc. Greene
MO0086975 Clarington Court Phelps
MO0122912 Clarity Properties WWTF Montgomery
MO0054585 Clark WWTF Randolph
MO0134538 Clark Business Park WWTF Camden
MO0109797 Clarksburg WWTF Moniteau
MO0117161 Clarksdale WWTF DeKalb
MO0039632 Clarksville WWTF Pike
MO0052663 Clarkton WWTF Dunklin
MO0126799 Clay County Parks-Bauman Park at Smithville Clay
MO0126527 Clear Cove Landing Subdivision Stone
MO0132861 Clear Creek Subdivision WWTF Marion
MO0133809 Clearlight Inn WWTF Hickory
MO0100803 Clearmont Lagoon Nodaway
MO0126985 Clearwater Condominiums WWTF Camden
MO0137774 Clearwater Cove Young Life WWTF Stone
MO0044083 Clemstone Sewer District WWTF Platte
MO0084581 Clet's Trailer Court WWTF Butler
MO0111287 Cleveland WWTP Cass
MO0102318 Clever WWTF Christian
MO0133191 Cliffside HOA WWTF Morgan
MO0132438 Clifton Hill WWTF Randolph
MO0126667 Climax Springs R-4 School WWTF Camden
MO0121843 Clinton Care and Rehab Center Inc. Clinton
MO0114944 Clinton Country Club WWTF Henry
MO0129836 Clinton Estates WWTF Clinton
MO0097390 Clinton WWTP Henry
MO0128856 Clover Hill Estates HOA Cape Girardeau
MO0138657 Clyde Hamrick Elementary School WWTP Jefferson
MO0136824 CNH Reman LLC Greene
MO0116882 Coachlight RV Park WWTP Jasper
MO0044270 Coachlight Village Mobile Home Park WWTF Stone
MO0117862 Coffey WWTF Daviess
MO0056626 Cole Camp WWTF Benton
MO0082139 Cole County R-V School District WWTP Cole
MO0089117 College of the Ozarks Taney
MO0103756 Collins WWTF St. Clair
MO0104337 Columbia Foods Company Boone
MO0112640 Columbia Landfill and Yard Waste Compost Boone
MO0004979 Columbia Municipal Power Plant Boone
MO0092924 Columbia Regional Airport WWTF Boone
MO0097837 Columbia WWTP Boone
MO0112640 Columbia Sanitary Landfill and Yard Waste Compost Boone
MO0136034 Columbia Water Treatment Plant Boone
MO0081485 Commercial Court MHP WWTF Franklin
MO0138053 Commercial Metals Company


MO0136441 Community R-VI School WWTF Audrain
MO0122866 Compton Ridge WWTF Stone
MO0048771 Conception Abbey WWTF Nodaway
MO0104914 Conception Junction Sewage Treatment Lagoon Nodaway
MO0025208 Concordia North WWTF Lafayette
MO0025194 Concordia SE WWTF Lafayette
MO0137201 Concrete Company of Springfield-Sherman Greene
MO0033901 Confluence Rivers - Freeman Hills WWTF Audrain
MO0127973 Connie's Convenience and Outskirts Maries
MO0108472 Conservation Chemical Company WWTF Jackson
MO0111686 Continental Cement Ralls
MO0124061 Continental Coal, Panther Creek Mine Bates
MO0031674 Conway WWTF Laclede
MO0003140 Cook Composites & Polymers Clay
MO0122602 Copeland Corporation/Scroll Compressors LLC Douglas
MO0103454 Copper Ridge Condominiums Camden
MO0022926 Corder North WWTF Lafayette
MO0022934 Corder South Lagoon Lafayette
MO0088200 Cornell's Friendly Acres Boone
MO0103101 Cornett Cove Apartments WWTP Camden
MO0128619 Cornett Cove WWTP Camden
MO0055956 Corral Motel, Cherokee Pass and RC Store Inc. Madison
MO0133841 Cosby WWTF Andrew
MO0132322 Cottage, The Stone
MO0050202 Country Acres HOA Inc. WWTF Johnson
MO0117200 Country Acres MHP WWTF Benton
MO0114898 Country Acres Residential Park WWTF Johnson
MO0096296 Country Aire Estates/Retirement Jefferson
MO0044571 Country Aire Manor MHP WWTF Jefferson
MO0109193 Country Aire MHP and RV Campground WWTF Texas
MO0112615 Country Aire Retirement Center WWTF Lewis
MO0117269 Country Cove MHP WWTF Warren
MO0112461 Country Creek Estates WWTP Cass
MO0116742 Country East Subdivision WWTF Callaway
MO0116297 Country Farm Estates WWTP Taney
MO0112941 Country Gardens Residential Care Facility II Cape Girardeau
MO0132144 Country Hills Estates WWTF Clinton
MO0058378 Country Hill MHP Washington
MO0113760 Country Home Estates WWTF Johnson
MO0113387 Country Horizon MHP WWTP Warren
MO0090905 Country Life Acres Subdivision WWTP Jefferson
MO0134376 Country Living Apartments WWTF Gasconade
MO0102148 Country Livin' Subdivision WWTP Callaway
MO0129151 Country Living Mobile Home Park WWTF Miller
MO0112836 Country Manor Apartments WWTP Franklin
MO0138185 Country Meadows Mobile Home Estates Butler
MO0120979 Country Rental Inc. Dent
MO0130435 Country Ridge Estates WWTF Camden
MO0122173 Country Side Estates WWTF Morgan
MO0130826 Country Side View Subdivision Nodaway
MO0125491 Country Squire MHP WWTF Crawford
MO0114791 Country Time Estates Subdivision WWTP Stone
MO0088064 Country Valley Home Phelps
MO0095494 Country Village Estates WWTP Ste. Genevieve
MO0098841 Countryside Estates Subdivision WWTF Dunklin
MO0119822 Countryside Meadows WWTF Ray
MO0120014 Countryside MHP WWTP Franklin
MO0122327 Countryside Mobile Home Park Camden
MO0130826 Countryside View Subdivision WWTP Nodaway
MO0116301 County Line Estates WWTF Callaway
MO0121461 County Petro Henry
MO0117790 Courtney Ridge Landfill, LLC Jackson
MO0103501 Courtyard Apartments WWTF Camden
MO0097951 Cow Creek Camp WWTF Stone
MO0130052 Cowgill Wastewater Treatment Facility Caldwell
MO0139084 Coyote Creek West Cape Girardeau
MO0126373 Coyote Hill Christian Children's Home Howard
MO0118257 Cozy C RV Campground WWTP Pike
MO0123650 Cozy Corner RV Park WWTF Henry
MO0113093 Cozy Cove Condominium Community Taney
MO0126462 Crabtree Lagoon System Johnson
MO0107042 Craig WWTF Holt
MO0040835 Crane WWTF Stone
MO0135488 Crazy Horse Bar & Grille Cass
MO0100102 Creighton WWTF Cass
MO0120553 Crest Ridge High School WWTF Johnson
MO0109380 Crestview MHP Pettis
MO0094943 Crocker WWTP Pulaski
MO0083569 Crooked Creek Campground Callaway
MO0118648 Crooked Tree Subdivision WWTF Stone
MO0122033 Cross Creek Subdivision WWTP Camden
MO0112267 Cross Pointe Camp and Retreat WWTF Morgan
MO0121207 Cross Roads Center WWTF Cole
MO0135674 Cross Timbers WWTF Hickory
MO0117315 Cross Timbers Enterprises WWTF Taney
MO0138436 Cross Trails Court WWTF Ste. Genevieve
MO0137324 Crossroads Plaza WWTF Jefferson
MO0048895 Crowley Village, LLC Stoddard
MO0082147 Crowley Subdivision Boone
MO0138380 Crown Pointe WWTF Camden
MO0126781 Crown Valley Winery Ste. Genevieve
MO0121835 Crystal Beach Subdivision WWTP Stone
MO0119164 Cub Cove Subdivision WWTF Camden
MO0094919 Cuba WWTF Crawford
MO0081485 Commercial Court MHP WWTF Franklin
MO0040801 Curryville WWTF Pike


MO0115380 D and J's Dusty Path WWTF Camden
MO0108197 D and M Oil Co Inc. dba Oasis Truck Plaza Pulaski
MO0132195 D and S Resources, LLC DBA Sherry's St. Francois
MO0002127 Dairy Farmers of America Greene
MO0002828 Dairy Farmers of America Inc. Texas
MO0128241 Dairy Farmers of America Inc. Barry
MO0111279 Dakota Boys Ranch Warren
MO0133345 Darla Jo Goodwin Trust 2-91 Camden
MO0112232 Dave's MHP Phelps
MO0131881 David Blues WWTF Camden
MO0116173 Davidson Estates Taney
MO0136646 Daviess County Livestock Market LLC Daviess
MO0135810 Dawn Valley Subdivision WWTF Andrew
MO0119181 Dawt Mill WWTF Ozark
MO0114430 Days Inn Pulaski
MO0120529 DCSD, Augusta Shores WWTP St. Charles
MO0116572 DCSD, Wastewater Treatment Plant #2 St. Charles
MO0129763 DCSD, Frances Howell School WWTF St. Charles
MO0132152 DCSD, Riverdale Subdivision WWTF St. Charles
MO0129763 DCSD, Steven A. Rogers WWTF St. Charles
MO0085472 DCSD, Treatment Plant #1 St. Charles
MO0131300 DCSD, Wyndgate Subdivision WWTF St. Charles
MO0055034 De Guire Subdivision Madison
MO0026662 De Soto WWTP Jefferson
UI0000037 Dean Realty, Greystone Mine Ash Injection Jackson
MO0033251 Dearborn WWTF Platte
MO0118401 Deepwater Inn Camden
MO0095907 Deepwater WWTP Henry

Deer Creek Lake Home Owners Association

MO0111121 Deer Run Apartments WWTF Phelps
MO0103497 Deer Run Apartments Taney
MO0116475 Deer Run Estates WWTF Madison
MO0116343 Deer Run Meadows WWTP Lincoln
MO0130192 Deer Valley Park WWTF Camden
MO0105902 Delmina Woods Regional Facility Christian
MO0052141 Delta WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0113701 Der Essen Platz Camden
MO0137855 Design Fabrication Inc. Greene
MO0137821 Detroit Tool Metal Products Laclede
MO0043206 Dexter West WWTF Stoddard
MO0023213 Dexter East WWTF Stoddard
MO0042013 Diamond WWTF Newton
MO0108740 Diamondhead Subdivision Camden
MO0056758 Diamond Inn Motel and Restaurant Franklin
MO0129593 Diana's Boarding Home II WWTP Bollinger
MO0129828 Diggins WWTF Webster
MO0091065 Disability Support System of Jefferson County Jefferson
MO0118885 DiTrapani's Italian Bistro Pulaski
MO0122408 Dixie Landing Subdivision Morgan
MO0100129 Dixon WWTP Pulaski
MO0123129 DJ's Express WWTF Franklin
MO0124133 D'Monaco WWTF Taney
MO0001848 Doe Run, Brushy Creek Mine/Mill Reynolds
MO0002003 Doe Run, Buick Mine/Mill Iron
MO0000337 Doe Run, Buick Resource Recycling Iron
MO0001856 Doe Run, Fletcher Mine/Mill Reynolds
MO0001121 Doe Run, Glover Facility Iron
MO0000281 Doe Run, Herculaneum Smelter Jefferson
MO0133221 Doe Run, Indian Creek Mine Tailings Site Washington
MO0001881 Doe Run, Sweetwater Reynolds
MO0000086 Doe Run, Viburnum Operations Washington
MO0100226 Doe Run, Viburnum Mine #35 (Casteel) Iron
MO0100218 Doe Run, West Fork Reynolds
MO0127388 Doghouse Saloon St. Francois
MO0130524 Dogwood Animal Shelter WWTF Camden
MO0112712 Dogwood Canyon Nature Park Stone
MO0124940 Dogwood Energy Facility Cass
MO0131997 Dogwood Estates Subdivision Phase 2 Taney
MO0130222 Dogwood Estates WWTP Camden
MO0085863 Dogwood Lake Campground Warren
MO0125385 Dogwood Truck Stop Cooper
MO0136158 Doing Steel, Inc. Greene
MO0047350 Doniphan Municipal WWTF Ripley
MO0130907 Dooley Lodges and Resort Stone
MO0086321 Doolittle Mobile Home Park Miller
MO0138479 Doolittle Trailer Manufacturing, Inc. Callaway
MO0111139 Double M Mobile Coach Ranch Benton
MO0109240 Downing WWTF Schuyler
MO0135631 Doyle Road Apartments WWTF Miller
MO0023655 Drexel North WWTF Cass
MO0127817 Driftwood Mobile Home Park Camden
MO0137812 DRS - SSI Howell
MO0138428 DT Engineering Laclede
MO0111627 Duck Club Yacht Club WWTF St. Charles
MO0102181 Dudley WWTF Stoddard
MO0002402 Dyno Nobel, Inc. - Carthage Plant Jasper
MO0105783 Dyno Nobel - LOMO Plant Pike
MO0118559 Dzatko, Paul Apartments St. Charles


MO0084565 E-Z Living RV & MHP WWTF Ste Genevieve
MO0113409 E and M Mobile Home Park Cole
MO0131130 Eagle Bay Residential Development WWTF Morgan
MO0126721 Eagle Bluff Estates HOA WWTP Stone
MO0132454 Eagle Crest WWTP Camden
MO0120260 Eagle Estates WWTP St. Francois
MO0085294 Eagle Mobile Home Park WWTP Miller
MO0111996 Eagle Ridge Landfill Pike
MO0131768 Eagle Ridge WWTF Morgan
MO0135658 Eagle Sky of the Ozarks WWTF Wayne
MO0123943 Eagle View Estates Camden
MO0136085 Eagle View Lots 3 and 4 Assoc, Inc. WWTF Camden
MO0002348 Eagle-Picher Industries Inc. Jasper
MO0125610 Eagles Landing WWTF Camden
MO0133698 Eagles Landing WWTF Miller
MO0123439 Eagles Nest R.V. Park Benton
MO0133175 Eagles Point Subdivision WWTF Stone
MO0113930 Eagleville WWTF Harrison
MO0114057 Ease Inc, Walkers Corner Grocery Benton
MO0127159 East Butler County Sewer District WWTP Butler
MO0128520 East Highway 42 Business Park WWTF Miller
MO0099961 East Lynne WWTF Cass
MO0021750 East Prairie WWTP Mississippi
MO0132543 Eastview Shores Lots 9, 10, and 11 WWTF Camden
MO0002411 Eaton Hydraulic, LLC/Unisys Jasper
MO0113506 EBV Explosives Environmental Company Jasper
MO0106887 Edelwiess WWTP Boone
MO0105449 Edgar Springs WWTP Phelps
MO0111236 Edgerton WWTF Platte
MO0114774 Edgewater Estates WWTP Stone
MO0138029 Edgewater Villa Resort Stone
MO0116131 Edgewater Village WWTP Stone
MO0045535 Edgewood Heights Subdivision WWTF Jefferson
MO0099171 Edina WWTF Knox
MO0120049 EE, Winfield Manor WWTP Lincoln
MO0090395 El Chaparrel Estates Subdivision WWTF Jefferson
MO0040002 El Dorado Springs WWTF Cedar
MO0122858 El Kay Lakeview Motel WWTF Camden
MO0131725 El-Tampa Acres 3 mm WWTF Camden
MO0057916 El Vallejo Subdivision WWTP Franklin
MO0100676 Eldon WWTP Miller
MO0101052 Eldorado Estates WWTP Callaway
MO0101613 Eleven West Condominiums WWTP Camden
MO0092398 Elk Inn Complex Atchison
MO0133671 Elk Valley WWTF Christian
MO0138819 Elkhorn Elementary School WWTF Ray
MO0022896 Ellington WWTF Reynolds
MO0108464 Ellis-Scott Sanitary Landfill Henry
MO0104370 Ellsinore Municipal WWTP Carter
MO0128511 Elm Hills - Berkshire Glenn WWTF Clay
MO0132144 Elm Hills - Country Hills Estates WWTP Clinton
MO0119822 Elm Hills- Countryside Meadows WWTF Ray
MO0120006 Elm Hills - Fox Run WWTF Clay
MO0126004 Elm Hills - Park Estates WWTF Clay
MO0129691 Elm Hills - Private Gardens WWTP Clay
MO0124931 Elm Hills - Wilmar Estates WWTF Clay
MO0131261 Elm Tree Estates HOA WWTP Lincoln
MO0094366 Elmo WWTF Nodaway
MO0054038 Elmwood Mobile Home Park WWTF Audrain
MO0089958 Elsberry MO Health Care Center Inc. WWTP Lincoln
MO0054691 Elsberry WWTF Lincoln
MO0000591 ELT Mexico, LLC Audrain
MO0122700 Emerald Court Duplexes WWTF Camden
MO0125954 Emerald Estates Lincoln
MO0109827 Emery Truck Plaza WWTF Vernon
MO0055328 Eminence WWTF Shannon
MO0028592 Emma North WWTF Saline
MO0028584 Emma South WWTF Saline
MO0092088 Emmanuel Baptist Church St. Francois
MO0133311 Emory Creek Ranch Phase 1 Taney
MO0134791 Emory Creek Ranch Phases 3-4-5 WWTF Taney
MO0130532 Empire City - Lot 24 WWTF Camden
MO0095362 Empire District Electric Company, Asbury Plant Jasper
MO0126713 Empire Electric, State Line Combined Cycle Power Plant Jasper
MO0116874 Empire Energy Center - Sarcoxie Jasper
MO0130613 Enchanted Acres Mobile Home Park WWTP Franklin
MO0136336 Enclave Apartments WWTP Cape Girardeau
MO0112470 Eolia WWTF Pike
MO0129879 EPOCH Composite Products Inc. Barton
MO0112909 Esser's Septic Tank Cleaning WWTF Benton
MO0123447 Essex Power Plant Stoddard
MO0101176 Essex Residential Care Stoddard
MO0089273 Essex WWTF Stoddard
MO0120031 Estates at August Tavern Creek St. Louis
MO0123871 Estates at Autumn Farms WWTP St. Louis
MO0132853 Estates at Deer Hollow WWTF St. Louis
MO0135259 Estates of D'Monaco WWTP Stone
MO0039659 Eureka WWTF St. Louis
MO0104591 Eurofins EAG Agroscience, LLC Boone
MO0001970 Euticals, Inc. Greene
MO0107352 Evergreen Drive Acres WWTF Callaway
MO0117765 Evergreens Condominiums WWTF Camden
MO0132560 Everly Loop Town Homes WWTP Camden
MO0118320 Everton WWTF Dade
MO0087335 Ev's Plaza Shopping Center WWTF Jefferson
MO0130419 Ewert Brothers Compost Pad Site Clay
MO0104671 Ewing WWTF Lewis
MO0119245 Excel Corporation Saline
MO0108511 Excelsior Estates WWTF Ray
MO0028843 Excelsior Springs WWTF Clay
MO0086291 Exeter WWTF Barry
MO0101702 Exide Technologies, Canon Hollow Smelter Holt
MO0002453 Expert Management Inc. Jasper