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Notification# Contractor Project Address Project City Branch Office Start Date
A8280-2021 UM-Columbia 417 S 5th St Columbia NERO 08/16/2021
A8282-2021 Stan Morris Construction LLC 222 N 1st St Pacific SLRO 08/27/2021
A8283-2021 Stan Morris Construction LLC 294/296 & 949/951 N Elm; 109-115 E Taylor; 100-106, 101-115, & 221/223 E Sayer Dexter SERO 08/16/2021
A8284-2021 Stan Morris Construction LLC 1301 1st St Kennett SERO N/A
A8285-2021 ARSI, Inc. 101 & 103 S Providence Rd Columbia NERO 09/07/2021
A8286-2021 ARSI, Inc. 600 E 5th St Fulton NERO 09/20/2021
A8288-2021 The Gehm Corporation Inc. 315 Hwy O Laurie SWRO 09/15/2021
A8287-2021 The Gehm Corporation Inc. 900 I-70 Dr SW Columbia NERO 09/16/2021
A8289-2021 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 617 & 621 NW Jacob Dr Lee's Summit KCRO 09/13/2021
A8290-2021 Security Storage Service, Inc. 2962 N Fort Ave Springfield SDES 09/14/2021
A8292-2021 Mid-America Environmental Solutions 17562 W Gum Rd Carthage SWRO 09/13/2021
A8291-2021 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 5701 S Kissick Ave Springfield SDES 09/17/2021
A8293-2021 Major Abatement & Demolition Inc. 820 S Holden St Warrensburg KCRO 09/28/2021
A8294-2021 Midwest Environmental Studies 946 E Reed St Haiti SERO 09/27/2021
A8295-2021 ARSI, Inc. 5693 Hwy F Clifton Hill NERO 10/15/2021
A8296-2021 Thornburgh Abatement Inc. 5693 Hwy F Clifton Hill NERO 10/18/2021
A8297-2021 B&R Insulation, Inc. 601 Business 71 Hwy Savannah KCRO 10/11/2021
A8298-2021 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 1031 W Main St Branson SWRO 10/18/2021
A8299-2021 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 328 Felix St. Joseph KCRO 10/25/2021
A8300-2021 The Gehm Corporation Inc. 467 S Odell Marshall NERO 11/01/2021
A8301-2021 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 129 E Walnut Thayer SERO 11/01/2021
A8302-2021 ARSI, Inc. 1 Hospital Dr Columbia NERO 10/29/2021
A8303-2021 ARSI, Inc. 1407 S Grand Ave Eldon SWRO 11/02/2021
A8304-2021 Todd Creason Construction, Inc. (TCCI) Co Rd 381 Monroe City NERO 11/08/2021
A8199-2021 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 950 Metrecal St Cabool SERO N/A