Project # A8279-2021

Contractor: ARSI, Inc.
Contact Person: Nathan Smith
Contact Phone: (573) 896-0222

Project Site: City of Jefferson Residential structures
209 Jackson St, 405 E Capitol
Jefferson City, MO 65109
Type: 209 Jackson: 70sf frbl ductwrap,60sf frbl sheet flooring,20lf n-f caulk; 405 E Capitol: 120sf frbl ductwrap, 54sf n-f VAT&mastic,180lf caulk,40lf roof tar;
Disposal Site: City of Columbia Landfill/ Jefferson City Landfill
Amendments: start on hold, originally 8/10/21; susp 8/13 @ 1430, on hold; resm 8/12, addtnl supv Shawn Wagner; susp 8/12 @1430; resm 8/13; add address: 528 E Capitol Ave, with 50sf n-f roof tar, 40sf n-f sheet flooring on wood, 100sf frbl sheet flooring in basement, add address: 202 Marshall St, with 154sf n-f sheet flooring on wood, 465lf n-f window glaze, 300sf n-f roof tar, resume 8/24 @0700-1530; addtnl supv Nathaniel Bailey; addtnl supv Thomas Pogue, Jr; susp 8/25 @1500; abatement complete at 209 Jackson St, 405 E Capital Ave, 528 E Capitol Ave, 202 Marchall St;
Prior Use: Residential
Present Use: Residential
Branch Office: NERO

Start Date: 08/13/2021
Complete Date: 12/31/2021
Received Date: 07/29/2021

Comments: additional structures expected, to be added by amendment, D10983-2021

Paid: Yes